La Danza Poetica #56 La Danza del Deseo

Poesía y música, Española. A mix of all new music, joyful and uplifting, arriving into our ears and hearts this month from the creative souls of musicians from Argentina, Colombia, Brazil, Italy, Mexico, NYC, Greece, Japan, Spain, France, the USA. Featuring El Búho, Rio Mira, LaDama, Dat Garcia, the Meridian Brothers, Spaniol, Christian Scott, Bocafloja, Banda Magda, Ibeyi, Klik and Frik, and Randomized Coffee. The mix anchored by the voices of our “honoured ghosts”, poets of 20th Century Latin America,  exploring the political and social importance of poetry, nature, and the nature of our desires. Enrique González Martínez, Leopoldo Lugones, Jaime Torres Bodet, Andres Eloy Blanco, Salvador Novo, Gabriela Mistral, Juana de Ibarbourou, and Pablo Neruda. 


El Búho - Salto De Agua
Enrique González Martínez - Tuércele el cuello al cisne
Leopoldo Lugones - Salmo Pluvial
Rio Mira - Chikungunya
Jaime Torres Bodet - Danza
LADAMA - Captura
Meridian Brothers - No Me Traiciones
Dat Garcia - Regreso a casa
Andres Eloy Blanco - Regreso al Mar
Spaniol - Xavier do Sax - Mistura de Carimbó com Ciranda (Spaniol Remix)
Salvador Novo - La Poesía
Bocafloja - Domingo feat. Marga Mbande
Banda Magda - Tam Tam
Ibeyi - Me Voy feat. Mala Rodríguez
Catalina Levinton - Gabriela Mistral - Dios Lo Quiere
Klik & Frik - Hello Shadow
Randomized Coffee - Baba
Juana de Ibarbourou - Noche de Lluvia
Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah - Desire and the Burning Girl
Pablo Neruda - Poema Nº 12

Thank you to everyone who nominated this show for the Mixcloud Online Radio Awards. It was very nice to receive that acknowledgement that you are, in fact, listening, and I appreciate that very much. To be listed alongside some amazing shows made globally, made with love and with creativity and with enormous spirit, has been fantastic. You can go on some great journeys by clicking through all of the nominees and the winners on the website: And big congratulations to Awesome Tapes from Africa who took out the world music prize this year. It's a great show, give it a listen.

Main image: Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah, photo by Alex Reside