Lisa Greenaway: Creative sound artist and producer, spoken word and poetry specialist and linguist from Melbourne, Australia. Collaborating with poets and musicians on spoken word and music recordings, and with visual artists, film and theatre makers on installation works, sound design and poetry film.

DJ LAPKAT: World music / world spoken word DJ and broadcaster, mixing languages, stories and music from around the planet. Presenter of "La Danza Poetica" radio show / podcast.

How many spoken word DJs can you name?…exactly. Assuming you know of none or very few we think you only really need to know about one: LAPKAT ... The way in which Lisa mixes languages, cultures and sounds is a form of poetry within itself.
— Poejazzi

The short story

Lisa Greenaway has been working with poetry and spoken word, music and audio arts for over two decades as a sound artist, spoken word artist, producer and broadcaster. Trained as a specialist audio arts engineer at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and with a background of creative radio production and theatre sound design, Lisa combines technical finesse with an intuitive ear for the rhythm and melody in everyday sounds, spatial awareness and the construction of atmosphere, weaving compelling stories with voice, music and field recordings. Lisa's work ranges from radio art works, spoken word and music tracks, and DJ sets to spatial sound installation works and poetry film, in collaboration with artists and writers in many fields both in Australia and globally.

Lisa’s two decades of work with spoken word and oral storytelling infuses her work with a distinctive, subtle narrative understanding. As a student of languages and linguistics (currently studying for Master of Applied Linguistics at University of Melbourne) Lisa’s ongoing research into the global phenomenon of oral storytelling – its origins and modern incarnations – informs all of her work. Complimentary research into philosophies of deep listening and sound meditation also informs Lisa’s soundscape creation and desire to develop truly immersive listening experiences.

Recent installations include the Women of the World (WOW) festival's "Women, Art & Politics" residency, White Night Melbourne 2016 (IDEATION) and 2017 (The Night Garden and The Seadragon's Lair). In July, August and November 2018 Lisa will be in residence working with the 4DSOUND system at the Spatial Sound Institute, Budapest.


As DJ LAPKAT, Lisa creates lyrical, kinetic mixes of global rhythm and melody, multilingual poetry and story. Spoken word artists, poets, storytellers, griots, hip hop emcees, cantati, chanteurs ... stories old and new, lost and found treasures, voices and languages from around the world mixed with music ranging from folk traditions to the cross-cultural collaborations of the global bass movement. Minimal beats made for slow dances, passionate voices and a stream of social consciousness.

Lisa has collaborated with poets on spoken word / music / soundscape tracks, including Andrew Galan, Farkhonda Akbar Tufaan, Sukhjit Kaur Khalsa. LAPKAT has performed across Australia and in Paris, Athens, Berlin and Ibiza, and produced special mixes for release and broadcast including 7MNS (France), LDBK (Brussels), CIRCE (Greece), Latin Bass Mexico Records, SBS Chill (Australia).

DJ LAPKAT presents a monthly podcast, 'La Danza Poetica', broadcast on Radio Groovalizacion and Chimeres Greece, also presented on Mixcloud and podcast via iTunes, Stitcher, &tc. Featuring poetry, hip hop, folk traditions and global beats, La Danza Poetica is a deep exploration into the many worlds, one world poetic groove. In 2017, La Danza Poetica was nominated in the Best World Music category in the Mixcloud Online Radio Awards.

The long story

First experimenting with audio arts at Melbourne’s Triple R FM in 1992, Lisa created many innovative poetry/soundscape productions and spoken word and radio drama programs for Triple R throughout the 1990s, including the long-running “Howlings in the Head” series and the weekly spoken word/ audio arts show “SubText”. As a spoken word artist Lisa collaborated with musicians and poets throughout the 1990s-2000's (including David Macken, Phil Wales, Richard Watts, Trevor Brown, Adam Simmons) and produced many live events featuring spoken word artists, songwriters, hip hop MCs, musicians, theatrical, visual and sound artists. Some notable events of this period: "Twilight" at La Mama, simulcast on Triple R FM; "Howlings in the Slaughterhouse" at Budinski's Theatre of Exile; "Tsunami" at Budinski's Theatre of Exile; "Word Jazz" at 303, Melbourne. At the Australian Broadcasting Corporation in Sydney from 1999-2001 she continued to experiment, working as an engineer on audio arts and radio drama, classical, rock/pop and opera recording, live talks radio and news, and TV drama. During this time Lisa also created sound, music and poetry productions and radio shows for 2FBi, 2SER, KGRIND, IndieFeed Performance Poetry, and Triple J, and co-edited special editions of "Going Down Swinging" and "Rattapallax" journals. Throughout the decades of 2000s and 2010s, as producer at the Noise Festival, then editor of international poetry, fiction and spoken word journal “Going Down Swinging,” and co-founder of the "Word Wrestling Federation" poetry slam series, Lisa contributed greatly to the development of spoken word as a recognised art form in Australia. Also during this time Lisa produced sound work for theatre and live performance including La Mama Theatre, Short & Sweet Sydney, Budinski’s Theatre of Exile, Next Wave Festival, Melbourne Writer's Festival, National Young Writers Festival / TINA, Noise, The Bridge Festival, and Celebrating Women Festival.

In 2016 Lisa composed soundscapes for the audio/visual installation "IDEATION" at the State Library of Victoria’s La Trobe Reading Room, White Night Melbourne, and the "Finish Line" audio/visual installation commission with ProjectionTeknik for State Library Victoria, as well as a documentary mix for Footscray Community Arts Centre’s “EXQUISITE” exhibition. She also created an hour-long cut-up tribute to David Bowie for the "Fuck You, Cancer" benefit in Melbourne. 

In 2017 Lisa collaborated with artists from Timor Leste, Bangladesh, Indonesia, India, Argentina and Sudan on performance and sound installation for the Women of the World (WOW) festival's "Women, Art & Politics" residency, and composed and designed large-scale spatial sound installation for two White Night Melbourne audio-visual works: “The Night Garden” on the State Library of Victoria façade and “The Seadragon's Lair” in the La Trobe Reading Room.

In 2018 Lisa has collaborated again with Farkhonda Akbar and filmmaker Jutta Pryor on a poetry film for "Nailing Remembrance." In 2018 "The Night Garden" poetry film screened in the official selection of the International Video Poetry Festival, Athens. In June 2018 "Nailing Remembrance" screens at S Y N | Cymatic Environment© by Anna Stereopoulou w/ 20Y female:pressure Anniversary Event @ Beton 7 - Arts, Athens. In July, August and November 2018 Lisa is in residence working with the 4DSOUND system at the Spatial Sound Institute, Budapest.

DJ Lapkat is the critic for those who have none, the DJ for those who have none. Her committed explorations have brought the world of spoken word poetry and music into united perspective. She is a force of nature. Gathering all the sound branches of the poet tree. May it continue.
— Tanya Evanson, Banff / Mother Tongue Media

Since 2009 Lisa has been working in Melbourne and Europe as DJ LAPKAT, producing collaborative tracks and live mixes that incorporate multilingual spoken word and poetry, archival cinematic samples and field recordings with minimal bass, electronic and folktronic music from around the world. Collaborating with poets and storytellers, radio, labels, DJs and producers around the world, LAPKAT not only mixes up the existing, but is actively working to extend the reach of the recorded story and bring the essential spoken word art to a greater global audience. 

LAPKAT performances include: Horse Bazaar (Dialectic Sessions/Uber Lingua), Pure Pop Records, Señor BBQ, Ferdydurke, Overload Poetry Festival, Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Summer Renaissance Festival, Peats Ridge Festival, Melba Spiegeltent, Hares + Hyenas, Howler, Multicultural Arts Victoria's 'Emerge' Festival, Queensland Poetry Festival, Melbourne Festival, Au Chat Noir Paris, Berlin (Headful of Bees/Berlin Music Week), Groovalizacion/Warrior Poets/Elles Tournent/Dames Draaien festival Brussels, Kreuzberg Bar Athens, Chilli Rooms Ibiza, support sets for Candy Royalle, Tanya Evanson, and the Rockin' for West Papua benefit. LAPKAT has produced special mixes and programs for Triple R FM and SBS Chill digital radio in Australia, Laid-Back Radio (LDBK) in Belgium, Latin Bass Mexico Records in Mexico, the 'c i r c e' project in Athens and the global female:pressure podcast.

LAPKAT has presented the monthly podcast “La Danza Poetica” for Groovalizacion Radio and Chimeres Radio Greece since 2012. The show features explorations into global poetry, hip hop, folk traditions and music. In 2017 “La Danza Poetica” was shortlisted for the Mixcloud Online Radio Awards, in the Best World Music Show category.

LAPKAT releases include "Nailing Remembrance" with Hazara poet Farkhonda Akbar, on Multicultural Arts Victoria compilation “Visible 10" 2015; "Water for the Spirits" featuring the voices of the Women of the Great River project, Zimbabwe/Berlin, on “VOX”, 7MNS Records France, 2016; "Advance Australia Fair" with poet Sukhjit Kaur Khalsa, on “Reverb on Verse” compilation, 2016.


 Image: "creating" by Andrew Topel

Image: "creating" by Andrew Topel

With the LAPKAT project my aim is to create open spaces for listening to poets, storytellers and languages from around the world. This is a global exploration of poetic language and oral storytelling, a person-to-person, contemporary, collaborative journey into the stories and voices that unite and the cultures that define. A celebration of the resurgence of oral storytelling - as slam, as spoken word, as hip hop - in global 'pop' consciousness, with a mind to the origins.

My blogs and radio shows share these explorations in story, language and music and my own developing journeys in production and collaboration. I love to hear from poets, spoken word and hip hop artists, storytellers, working in all the world's languages. Get in touch!