La Danza Poetica #54 Pieces of the Puzzle

The women star, in La Danza Poetica number 54. Women collectivising and collaborating, creating and producing. Featuring two collections of collaborative works: Reverb on Verse out of Australia put together poets with producers and electronic artists. The Monika Werkstatt double album, out of Berlin, is a brilliant example of what comes from close collaboration. Electronica tracks that together form a dialogue between women artists from around the world.

LDP#54 Pieces of the Puzzle takes its title from a poem by English spoken word artist Salena Godden – the poem that closes the show. From Australia to Costa Rica, to Colombia, to Argentina, to Italy, Portugal, Germany, America, Chile, England, France, Japan, Ghana, Mozambique … all these pieces form parts of our big, beautiful jigsaw puzzle of thought, emotion, word, and music. 

Featuring Tica (Costa Rican) rapper Nakury, Colombian jungle techno duo Mitú, Argentine/Mexican collaboration Xochiquetzal Baila, an Italian producer in Portugal, Populous, Atlanta rapper and poet Lando Chill inspired by Paulo Coehlo, Chilean experimental electronica MMNI, French beatmaker Konixion exploring Japanese classical music samples, Ghanian duo Eli & Alex Wondergem, Detroit’s Apollo Brown and Planet Asia, New York City's Budo Kiba Collective, and Mozambique/London’s Mohammed Yahya.


Sinit Tsegay + Memphis Kelly - Helina
Nakury - Interludio: El Viaje
Nakury - Aunque Quieras
Mitú - Fiebre
Panther Panther - Perdidos feat. Aranemi
Populous - Alfama
Nakury - Fuego Sagrado
Natalie Beridze + Werkstatt - Hit Bottom
Katherine Gailer + Jess Fairfax - Querida Geia
Lando Chill - Freedom
Lando Chill - Broken Worlds
Lando Chill - o sicario e o padre
Beatrice + Ebony Moncrief - Surrender To Self
Izzy Roberts-Orr + Ania Reynolds - The Birthday Party
MMNI - Night Drive
Salena Godden - Under The Pier
Konixion - Voices In My Head
Eli & Alex Wondergem - Old Evil Dwarfs
Eli & Alex Wondergem - Hygrade
Apollo Brown & Planet Asia - Dalai Lama Slang (feat. Willie The Kid)
Îota & Tek - Labyrinth
Mohammed Yahya - We Came
Islaja + Werkstatt - Sappho's Gifts
Nakury - Orígenes (feat. Guadalupe Urbina)
Salena Godden - The Puzzle