La Danza Poetica #59 Chorus

Every time I make a new La Danza Poetica mix, more voices are added to the chorus of intelligent, loving, awakening resistance, so that I’m freshly convinced, every month, that love and wisdom will prevail. 

La Danza Poetica #59 is heart-full with this conviction. A slow chorus. An energising way to start the new year.

A slow driving mix of spoken word and hip hop and multi-voice harmony, music with many layers, complex melodies and harmonious fusions of electronica and folk origins. Musicians and poets from the United States, Spain, Colombia, Canada, and Guatemala. Big questions and big problems being addressed head-on. Stories being told from the heart, voices coming from deep in the chest.


Climbing PoeTree – For the Courageous
Capitan Humano – Intro, The Human Captain
Capitan Humano – Slow con Norte Prod. Miguel Grimaldo
Climbing PoeTree – Can’t Help But Fly
Open Mike Eagle – Hymnal (feat. Sammus)
Budo Kiba – Tru-Type – Two Hearted
Baridi Baridi – See you in Fez (feat. Willy Crook)
Las Áñez – La Electrónica
Las Áñez – Pensar y Pensar (feat. Edson Velandia)
Chico Mann & Captain Planet – Como Me Miras (Allen French Remix)
El Búho – Xica Xica (feat. Uji & Barrio Lindo)
Capitan Humano – Putos Inmortales (feat. Al Kronstadt)
Brandon Wint – V
The Silver Lake Chorus – When It's Cold I'd Like To Die
Street Poets Inc – Song
Street Poets Inc – Wild Village
Rebeca Lane – No Una Menos
El Búho – Juku (feat. Rumbo Tumba)
Climbing PoeTree – If I Told You What I Know

Notes on the show

The video for Climbing PoeTree's song Love will triumph:
With the release of this video a year ago, Climbing PoeTree launched an online platform, SOLUTION SPOTLIGHT, developed to "shed light on solution-oriented groups, actions, and news ... highlighting transformative grassroots actions that people are taking around the world to galvanize change in their communities and environments, and [offering] tangible opportunities to get involved": www.solution

Capitan Humano's video series that complements the album Sinergia can be found on YouTube. I linked the one featuring Al Kronstadt in the Spoken Word Artistry blog on this site, also here it is below, and another that I like in its graphic simplicity, the video for No sin Amor.

And speaking of simplicity, or perhaps simple ideas done beautifully, I love Las Áñez' video for Pensar y Pensar: 


I hope that we can all raise our voices in chorus this year, and beyond, for justice, equality, and peace.

Happy new year.

Main image: Las Áñez