La Danza Poetica #61 Innervisions

Borrowing the title from Kuzich’s track (via Stevie Wonder’s seminal 1973 album) La Danza Poetica #61 Innervisions is a very conscious dream. Traversing all continents of our external and internal world, traditional folk song and experimental electric folk, melodic global bass rhythms, orchestral electronics, storytelling and intelligent poetics.

Recent releases from Brome, J.Lamotta, Kuzich featuring Mei Saraswati, William Beale, Lido Pimienta, The Turbans, Besarabia, Anna Stereopoulou, Dat Garcia remixed by Space People, the Music Action Collective, DjClick, Lagartijeando remixed by Chancha Vía Circuito, and featuring Laurie Anderson and Kronos Quartet’s, “Landfall”, now released as an album.


Brome – Le bonheur
J.Lamotta – Dig It
J.Lamotta – Chance (feat. Franki.D)
Kuzich (823 Records) – Innervisions (feat. Mei Saraswati)
William Beale – Things I Know
Kronos Quartet & Laurie Anderson – Our Street Is a Black River
Lido Pimienta – Quiero Jardines
The Turbans – Riders
Besarabia – Lazarsko horo
Kronos Quartet & Laurie Anderson – Dreams
William Beale – As Above, So Below
Anna Stereopoulou – Aspro Amore
Dat Garcia – Anfibio (Space People Remix)
Music Action Collective – Agua
Brome – Vika
DjClick – Nawal - Salama (DjClick RMX)
Lagartijeando – El Nogal de las Pampas (Chancha Vía Circuito Remix)
Kronos Quartet & Laurie Anderson – Everything Is Floating
Kronos Quartet & Laurie Anderson – Galaxies

Notes on the show

The truly beguiling Landfall is a live show that I've sadly missed, but thanks to Nonesuch we now have this deep, small album, and a few videos, to take us into the experience.

Laurie Anderson was one of the first catalysts for me to step up to a microphone, and to begin tuning in to the spoken word. Her influence is huge, her poetic and musical heart enormous. That I haven't featured her in the show before is simply a matter of timing. She's just always there, at the heart of things. 

Main image: Laurie Anderson, photo by Jake Giles Netter for The New York Times