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La Danza Poetica #56 La Danza del Deseo

Poesía y música, Española. A mix of all new music, joyful and uplifting, anchored by the voices of our “honoured ghosts”, poets of 20th Century Latin America, exploring the political and social importance of poetry, nature, and the nature of our desires.

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La Danza Poetica #17 The Voice Is The Drum

Hip hop. The voice is the drum. The voice is rhythm, melody and story as one. From Australia to Latin America to the Caribbean to Africa, this is where poetry really dances.

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La Danza Poetica #14 Poesía Frontera

Recorded on the weekend of el Día de los Muertos, raising honoured ghosts and calling on their descendents to speak the border ... la poesía y la música de la frontera, Mejicano, Americano, Chicano, the word and the silence.

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