La Danza Poetica #35 La Poésie Chantée

The poetic art is inseparable from music, most especially in the Middle East. From hip hop through electronica, a focus on some of the most inspiring artists working in the Arabic world, and word, that I’ve been coming across lately – from Lebanon, Palestine, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Syria. Starting out in Morocco with SwamiMillion and Fawda Trio’s ‘Road to Essaouira’ and Abdellah M, Hassak’s ‘Carnival in Casbah’, exploring the edges of modern/ancient acoustics and electronics, with Moseqar, AboJar, Checkpoint-303, El Far3i, Alsarah & the Nubatones, Shadia Mansour & M-1, The Narcicyst, Yasmine Hamdan, Soapkills, Ghalia Benali, Brooklyn Gypsies and N3rdistan. Our honoured ghosts – all who shared, and continue to share, the cultural histories and memories of la poésie chantée.


SwamiMillion & Fawda Trio (Beats For The Road To Essaouira) – Intro + Melone
Moseqar – Intro, How Did We End Up Here
Abdellah M. Hassak – Carnival In Casbah (Praisedelic; Farnatchi Warmth feat. gnawa music – Mohamed El Soudani); People Mentioned feat. Poetry – Aaliwika; Sacred Pomegranate)
Soapkills – Kasdoura
Hossein Ghavami, Manushchehr Jahan-Beglu – Ghazal (from Middle East: Sung Poetry)
Khan El Rouh – Shajan
The Narcicyst – Sikeena (feat. Omar Offendum)
Checkpoint 303 & Jawaher Shofani – They rode their horses
Shadia Mansour – El Kofeyye Arabeyye (feat. M-1 of Dead Prez)
El Far3iرعي – Ohfor
The Brooklyn Gypsies – Marfa
Ghalia Benali (singing Om Kalthoum) – Araka Assiyya’ddamii
Yasmine Hamdan – Khayyam
Yasmine Hamdan – Enta Fen, Again
AboJar – I Believe in You
Alsarah & The Nubatones – Bilad Aldahb (Isaac Aesilii Remix)
Dubosmium – Heart & Soul
SwamiMillion & Fawda Trio (Beats For The Road To Essaouira) – Menta
Abdellah M. Hassak – Carnival In Casbah (Chalaba Trance, gnawa music – Mohamed El Soudani)
Yasmine Hamdan – Zarani
N3rdistan – To Everything (Likouli Recordit Live Session)