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La Danza Poetica #49 Vocal Portraits – Ghana to the World

Curated by Kwame Write Aidoo, and produced by Inkfluent, the Vocal Portraits albums feature many talented poets, storytellers and musicians from Africa, Europe and North America. 

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La Danza Poetica #35 La Poésie Chantée

Sung poetry, the oral tradition, passed down from generation to generation, continuing today, no break in the chain…

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La Danza Poetica #23 Gaza Calling

In August 2008 the great poet Mahmoud Darwish left forever. But his voice is still here, more heartbreaking than ever. Now I ask myself to stop, turn off the newsfeed, clear my mind of prejudice, and listen. This is a mix of the amazing diversity of poetic expression from Palestine and the diaspora. 

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