La Danza Poetica #34 Delirious Analysis

Rêver en français… storytelling of emotion and delirium of loops! Being in transit in between times and places, in a woozy mood, a loose mix from a recent live set. No explanation, no reason, no solution. Just the enlightened, unapologetic emotion of French poets, under the spell of delirious analysis. Old and new tracks from: 13th Tribe with Saul Williams, Volfoniq’s ‘Ernest’, Up, Bustle & Out serenading Satie, Bissecta, my good friend the sound weaver Ubik from his sexy sound tapestry of Serge Gainsbourg, the F4 Collective, Odezenne, Enterré Sous X remixed by Kosta Kostov, classical electronics from Hiatus, and Canadian poet Fabrice Koffy. Our honoured ghost, teacher of passion and release Anais Nin, reading from her short stories, 'Under A Glass Bell'. Let’s hallucinate Napoléon Bonaparte together, in la danse poétique!


13th Tribe & Saul Williams - The 7th Octave
Volfoniq - Bonjour (Ernest)
Up, Bustle & Out - Satie's Atelier
Camille Bryen - Tete De Coq
Bissecta / Syntonic Waves - Adore
Bissecta and Huian Tenova - Sex Story 2 & Windows Bible Update
Anaïs Nin - reading from Under A Glass Bell
Ubik - Serge Gainsberg (excerpt)
F4 Collective - Roleaux
Odezenne - Meredith
Enterré Sous X - Decourum part 2 (Kosta Kostov Remix)
Anaïs Nin - reading from Under A Glass Bell
Hiatus - Nobody
Fabrice Koffy - Poesic