La Danza Poetica #39 La Reflexión

Pausing for reflection in January 2016, a mix of tracks that I couldn’t include in the feature shows of ’15, that are still on high rotation in my mind. Travel across the world, in folk music, poetry, dub and electronics, poets and musicians from Australia via Poland, Australia via Greece, and indigenous Australia. Indigenous Canada, Brazil, Palestine, Morocco, Kurdistan, Greece, Brooklyn, Hungary, France … Let’s begin this new cycle by activating the fire within, thinking not of the past, of what we did or didn’t achieve in our last trip around the sun, but of the future, which is to say, the now:
¡La danza!


Kylie Supski – For “Them” “There”
Rosemary Standley & Dom La Nena – Oh My Love
Sean M Whelan & Isnod – LCUK
Luka Lesson & Neil Morris – Beside Inside Beyond
Rise Ashen – Nalliutivuk, The Time Is Now feat. Cynthia Pitsiulak
Checkpoint 303 & Jawaher Shofani – Nothern wind
Bari Károly – Két gyermekvers Máriusznak: 1. Szívpiros vers 2. Csönd
Dubosmium: Fîdel Klc, Askat Zhetigen & Abdellah M. Hassak – Xalid Axa
Alyazid Bnou Mou3awiyah – wa Amtarat Loualouan
Luka Lesson – The Sea
Lena Platonos – Rumanian Immigrants
Dub Riots – There is a tower on that hill
Bari Károly – Hazánk
Brooklyn Gypsies – Fafisa (Zeb Remix)
Bari Károly – Táltosfiú
Zedrine – Le vent en face (Kosta Kostov Remix)
Flying Down Thunder & Rise Ashen – Visions Dub
Bari Károly – Reátok Terítem
Queen Ka & Marie-Jo Thério – J’arrive
Click Here – Barim sa feat. Anna Mario Iovkova
Shane Koyczan – Time Difference
Carte Postale – Rio
Moe Clark – Activate Fire
Ebony MonCrief – Unseeable Gaper