La Danza Poetica #22 Rain Dance

Raining sounds and stories across the planet. Many honoured ghosts this month, including the poets Rumi, Federico García Lorca, TS Elliott, Badr Shākir as-Sayyāb, Jorge Luis Borges, and Pablo Neruda. Ambient folkloric beats, Afro Latin jazz and soul, hip hop and spoken word poetry, from Ecuador to Barcelona to Melbourne, from New York to New Zealand to Rapa Nui, from Campodia to the Czech Republic to the rainy streets of Paris and London.


(Thunderstorm recorded by Carl Lierman)
Nicola Cruz - Sanacion
Rumi - When it's cold and raining (unknown recording)
Popicho (Chucho) & Zefora - Trains and Rain
Tanox - Al silenci
Federico García Lorca – Lluvia, read by Friederich Zherikov
Matas & Edo Lee - Frost (feat. Sara Robson)
Tricky - A Song For Yukiko
Sola Rosa – Spinning Top (Flamingosis Remix)
Kosal Khiev - When Mothers Turn Mahogany at Phnom Penh
L'Orange - Until The Fall (feat. Boog Brown)
Amin Payne - Twice The Rain Feat. Ben Bada Boom
Up, Bustle & Out - Rain In Tibet
Emilie Zoey Baker - Wet
Ber-Henda - Soaking Wet
Pablo Neruda - Lluvia (Rapa Nui)
Pablo Neruda - Poema Nº 1
Caballo - Belief
Arturo O'Farrill & the Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra - They Came
Mop Mop - Let I Go (Mr Raoul K's Version)
Juan Jose Lopez - Llueve by Pablo Neruda
Iota & Edo Lee - Cabaret
Pablo Neruda - Poema Nº 2
William Centellas vs. Chancha Via Circuito - Los pastores (dub version)
Hugo Kant - Leave Me Alone (feat. Lostpoet)
Exkluzivní prateta - Rain poetry
Jorge Luis Borges - La Lluvia
Filastine - Murka
Rim Banna - The Hymn of the Rain (by Badr Shākir as-Sayyāb)
Jhain - Rain's Poetry
Universildo - La noche mágica de Miles
Hiatus - Delam