La Danza Poetica #42 Adventurous Spirits

Adventurous spirits journey within and without, connecting with tradition, home, self, and other. This month on the global dance poetic, many new releases that share an adventurous spirit of experimentation and connection. One, special to my heart, from Australia’s Candy Royalle. One, just arrived from Canada’s Rise Ashen, the master of Indigenous electronic collaboration. Another from Canada, a new album from poet Brandon Wint. A collaboration between Canada’s DJ Kwe, Berlin-based radio maker and producer Claudio Wegener, and the women of the BaTonga, Zimbabwe. Fresh vibes coming from Anthony Joseph, Oddisee, the Hidden Jazz Quartet, Rocky Marsiano, and Ibaaku. We’re going to traverse some wild beats, some smooth soul and hip hop and some jazz syncopation, in this eclectic hour - the natural drums and their spirits will guide us.


DJ Kwe - Let’s Dance To This Tonga Song feat. J. Mwiinde
DJ Kwe - Tonga Anthem Remix feat. Damba Students Welcome
Silla + Rise - Velvet-Piluk
Hidden Jazz Quartett - Lush Life feat. Tim Hollingsworth
Candy Royalle - Macro Micro
Silla + Rise - Tuniit Rock
Rise Ashen feat. Miselle - Snapshot
Brandon Wint - Home
Oddisee - No Sugar No Cream
Rocky Marsiano - Kata Para (feat. Sagaz)
Anthony Joseph - Neckbone
Silla + Rise - Starseed-Qila
DJ Kwe - Water For The Spirits Feat. J. Mwiinde and L. Muyalali
Brandon Wint - Arson
Ibaaku - Monkey Boy
Candy Royalle - Birthing the Sky Birthing the Sea
DJ Kwe - Pattern Is A Language feat. V. Mwembe and C. Wegener
Silla + Rise - Bad-Unnuaq feat. Melody McKiver