La Danza Poetica #41 Paseo Mental

Paseo Mental - a walk through the mind, through the various voices in our heads, both our own and the voices of the honoured ghosts and ancestors who walk with us. Performance poetry from Segovia, Spain, from an installation by Andrés Sánchez, plus new tracks, collaborations and remixes out of South America, Mexico, USA, Algeria, and Europe. Featuring Lulacruza/Desert Dwellers, Nillo & Sentidor/Pigmalião, Ocote Soul Sounds, Ganoona & Borchi, Andre Tajchman, History of Colour (El Búho & Barrio Lindo), Mamba, La Yegros, Barrio Lindo, Yelli Yelli.


Yelli Yelli - L'Algérie
Lulacruza - Uno Resuena (Desert Dwellers Remix)
Nillo & Sentidor + Friends - Lamento del Chamán (Pigmalião Remix)
Andre Tajchman - Smoke
Andrés Sánchez - Paseo Mental
Andrés Sánchez - Paseo Mental - 1 Temo
Yelli Yelli - One Skin Apart (feat. Piers Faccini)
Nillo - Dormida
History of Colour - Fiebre
Andrés Sánchez - Paseo Mental
Andrés Sánchez - Paseo Mental - 2 Amo
Ocote Soul Sounds - Primavera
MC Mamba - Am I a fool?
Ganoona vs Borchi - Quiero Mas ft Pa Kongal y Libe
La Yegros - Hoy
Barrio Lindo - Sausalito Fullmoon
Andrés Sánchez - Paseo Mental
Andrés Sánchez - Paseo Mental - 3 siento
Yelli Yelli - Yemma

Notes on the show

This dance, we have a special piece of performance poetry from the beautiful town of Segovia, north west Spain, a stroll through the various voices in our heads, from Andrés Sánchez (aka Olivier Boigandreau, Pipas de Coco, WavesOlasOndas) Paseo Mental was created for an installation in a cell in the Centro Cultural La Cárcel de Segovia, the former provincial prison of Segovia. Andrés described it to me:

“The meaning of Paseo Mental is [to] emulate the human mind, the human thoughts. All of us we have several voices in our brain, voices that say … do that, don't do that, look, say, shout! .... Paseo Mental [aims] to be a 'room-brain'. In three points of the cell, I put a stereo with one of the poems. When you walk [in] and you sit on small chairs in the center of the room, you can hear the three voices, the three poems and, into your brain, you can choose one and follow it…”

The river of thoughts flowing within us is infinite, he explains. We can, with a little mindfulness, choose to tune into any one of the various voices in our mind, at any given time. This installation, being also as it was in a place of solitude and pain, sounds very powerful and in many ways confronting. I think that the poems, in Spanish and with an interesting flow of soundscapes woven in, translate also well into a listening experience.