La Danza Poetica #10 Island Time

Coming from the Chilli Rooms studios on the island of Ibiza, a chilled hour of of music and poetry from various corners of the globe.


Kufa Castro feat. Joel Tejada - Poder
Teresia Teaiwa, Hinemoana Baker, feat. Des Mallon - Bus Drivers
Teresia Teaiwa, Hinemoana Baker, feat. Des Mallon - I Can See Fiji
El Tens - Dolares
Hein Arumisore - Syofirumo
Kajob, Tim Cole & David Bridie - Land Of The Morning Star
Ngaiire - Dirty Hercules
Mop Mop feat. Anthony Joseph - Heritage
Abel Digital - Miles Davis / Deep Ragga / Cusco City / Ayahuasca Flauta
Elba Rosario Sánchez - Tepalcate A Tepalcate
Elba Rosario Sánchez - Sowing Seeds
José Asunción Silva - Poema
Garcilaso de la Vega - Soneto 36
Jacob Sam-La Rose - Never/Drummer
Benin City - My Love
Beam Up - Hanabi Dub
Omar Musa & Luka Lesson - The Light
Pumpkin & Vin'S da Cuero - Shlag Music (Mentalow Remix) feat. Grems
Airileke & Markham Galut - Wanchef (feat. Markham Galut)
Bissecta - We are one

Notes on the show

Painting by artist and author (and Chilli Rooms impressario) Wayne Ashton, a part of his Pinski series.

Es Vedra

This July, I found myself on the island of Ibiza celebrating art, food and people in the gorgeous Cala Vadella. This island has many souls and many manifestations. I can't tell you about the party clubs (my scene is not this!) but I can tell you about the lovely chilled beach bars, the surprising cliffs and mountains, the smuggler's caves and the clear deep water. And I can tell you about the incredible Es Vedra, where the sirens tempted Odysseus, seen from the deck of restaurant Es Boldado where I DJ'ed for the global contingent of the Chilli Rooms Ibiza party. 

This show is on island time, and you'll hear less chat from me. A great mixture of voices and sounds from around the world feature in La Danza Poetica #10. It has been a chance for me to catch up with some artists I've wanted to feature, without the framework of any specific language or focus. Especially singers and poets from my home ocean, around Australia and Papua.

Many languages, many culture. As Bissecta say in the final track, We are one. 

On the poetry side, we start (after some fiddling about in Ibiza taxis into Kufa Castro's great tune Poder)  with some nice mixtures of poetry and organic recorded sound, from Fiji/New Zealand poet Teresia Teaiwa and Hinemoana Baker. The album I Can See Fiji remains a favourite spoken word collection.

Later in the show Luka Lesson and Omar Musa shine with the Istanbul-recorded track The Light. (I talk more about this track, and its lovely accompanying video, here.) Both Greek/Australians, Luka and Omar shift back and forth comfortably across the line of spoken word and hip hop. Check out Luka's album Please Resist Me, and Omar's recent book Parang.

From Australia's Wantok label, the sounds of Indigenous Australia and Melanesia. I can't recommend enough that you buy the 2012 compilation Wantok Volume 1. It is a beautiful collection of some of the greatest artists from my part of the world - featured in this show, Hein Arumisore (West Papua) and Kajob (West Papua) collaborating with Australians Time Cole and David Bridie. Plus, a great track from Papua New Guinean / Australian producer Airileke Ingram working with Markham Galut (also check out Airileke's great recent album Weapon of Choice).

Papua New Guinea singer Ngaiire is one of the most exciting voices I've heard in years and Dirty Hercules is a great, great track. The PNG born singer-songwriter, who came to Australia the age of 16, is building a reputation for herself as one of the country’s most unique and dynamic vocalists, adventuring from folk soul to jazz hop to indie pop to everything in between. Her debut album is due out right about now. I can't wait to hear it! Here is the video for Dirty Hercules:

Also in the show, Heritage from the crazy-good Mop Mop album Isle of Magic featuring UK poet Anthony Joseph (I wrote about this album recently, here). And some great, brand new cuts from El Tens, French spoken word / electro outfit BissectaVin'S da Cuero with rap from Pumpkin and Grems, and the really excellent My Love from Benin City's recent album Fires in the Park, with vocals by Joshua Iden. As well, a special pre-release track from the forthcoming album of live spoken word recorded at the Tongue Fu sessions in London - Jacob Sam-La Rose with Never/Drummer (more about this album soon).

We also get, hot off the press, some roots based dub from Beam Up / DJ Delay's new vinyl 7". Hanabi Dub combines Japanese fireworks, insects and kodo drumming with Terrence Bowry's lyrics on living in Shanghai when the 2011 Tsunami hit Japan. All mixed together in Beam Up's Berlin studio. Out on vinyl this month. Check the video also, just out:

Abel Digital's 11 minute Miles Davis - Deep Ragga - Cusco City - Ayahuasca Flautaepic brings some not-so-serious jazz mood. Mixed in here, our 'honoured ghosts', in Español, are three - Colombian poet José Asunción Silva, Spanish poet of the 16th century Garcilaso de la Vega, and Chicana poet Elba Rosario Sánchez.

Groovalizacion will be going "off air" for a few months to bring back a redux ... but all the La Danza Poetica shows remain up at Mixcloud/ladanzapoetica, and I'll continue to make them and upload them there for the meantime.