Mixtape for Latin Bass Mexico Records


Invited by my friend from Aguascalientes Oscilador Latin Bass to make a mix for the new Latin Bass Mexico Records mixtape series, I happily locked myself in my lovely loft room, drank too much sweet red wine and buried my head in the tracks from Volume 3 of the LBMR compilation series ... and here is the result! ...  la música y la poesía del futuro de México, ahora mismo!


LBMR is a Mexican label that promotes existing and upcoming electronic, Latin-fusion artists. The label offers free downloads and distribution, and now mixtapes from a global community of producers and sound artists. This first mixtape 'release' includes 15 mixes from 15 producers, and all are free to download here.

Oscilador is a vibrant, talented soul making and promoting the cumbia of the future. There are many making new cumbia and exploring the trans-planetary, avante-garde Mexico character, but few with the distinctive, creative, cinematic soul of Oscilador. I was first introduced to his sounds by DJ555 when I was presenting with him on Dialectic Radio, a couple of years back. He's been a staple of my listening since the Original Sound album and the LBR compilations have come through always high quality, always high energy, always inventive and injected with very good humour.

Entonces! ... Lapkat is admittedly a kitten when it comes to the soul of cumbia, and here I play with it like a big entwining unravelling / ravelling ball of musical string. My mix is a selection from the latest LBMR collection of music, mixed in with some poetry from Mexico and also some poésia chicano from the border, including classic Taco Shop Poets, Paul Flores (Los Delicados), Bocafloja, and the poet of the mountains and forests, Subcomandante Marcos.  Espero que te diviertas escuchar, como me he divertido remezclar!