Miracle - Turkish Poetics Live Mix


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A live mix of Turkish poetics and music that inspired some spontaneous hugging in the loft of Ferdydurke in June. This is an excerpt from a 3-hour set … across the spectrum of jazz, abstract hip hop, trance, oud, classical, and of course spoken word and poetry. This section turned out to be kind of a survey of the music of Mercan Dede, not intentional, but perhaps inevitable! It includes some of Kofiakofo's mix of sounds and voices from Gezi Park during the Istanbul protests of last year, as well as some layerings from various sources. Tracklisting is over at the Mixcloud link.

Revisiting many sounds and poets from earlier live sets and the La Danza Poetica Istanbul podcast - so not new but really nice to revisit these beautiful sounds across a longer time. Also, anything to further the cause of spontaneous hugging. Because I'd like you to take this one with you on adventures outside the internet, here is the dl:http://ge.tt/45mCQel1/v/0?c

The last Jazz in the Attic / Lapkat session at Ferdydurke is this Tuesday 24th June - upstairs Tattersalls Lane, Melbourne.

(Image borrowed from the collaboration between Arkın (Mercan Dede) and painter Carlito Dalceggio Montreal/Istanbul. http://art.revolutionrevelation.be)