LAPKAT Mix ~ 3AM Lava Flow


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Last month filling in for the "Under The Sun" radio show on Triple R FM Melbourne was one of the most enjoyable radio shows I've ever done. I managed to remember to record this one, so I thought I'd remove my voice breaks and knit together an hour of the mix, just to share the flow!

I love live radio. I don't get to do it often right now, but in a way that's a nice thing. Like I get to occasionally go and throw a big pile of fuel onto the fire of my creativity. This was one of those shows where the flow was just strong. It happens, in those lovely, cosy, studio 'wombs', when you're sitting inside the horseshoe of the console with the lights dimmed and the speakers up loud and the faders all within reach, and you're just letting your inspiration take you along. And the listeners are flowing along with you, calling in to talk about tracks, to thank you. The shared experience is fantastic.

For this show I wanted to honour the most inspiring women currently in my high-rotation collection of global spoken word and music. The complicated, powerful, emotional, loving, fierce female voice. Sometimes I have days when I feel I've lost contact with my inner strength, my belief in my beauty and my power, my connection to the worldwide source of fire. Sometimes I allow others to extinguish a little bit of my flame. We all have days like this. All we have to do is remember on those days that our own pilot flame is always alight, no matter if the fire is not burning high! And draw energy in the meantime from our sisters and our mothers and our friends and our lovers, from our power women, whoever, wherever, whenever they are.

Queen KA, Sister Fa, Ancestress, Titilope Sonuga, Maureen Shepard, Azam Ali, Ursula Rucker, Suheir Hammad, Sara Sayed, Nhaiire, Tanya Evanson, AYDA, Sarina Leah .. you'll have heard all these voices and some of these poems, tracks, if you've listened to "La Danza Poetica" or other of my live mixes. The title comes from Maureen Shepard's poem 3AM Enlightened Darkness 1 which I wove right through. I love the rawness of the poem and her recording, the wry humour. It speaks so well that burning 3am frustration I think all women have felt one time!

So, for all the beautiful strong women around me who make their lives their art and their art their lives - let the lava flow!!

The tracklist >>>

(Woven right through is Maureen Shepard's track 3am The Enlightened Darkness 1) François Couture - Grandmother's Song (Canada/Inuit) Queen Ka - Tiamo (Canada) Tremor - Huella feat. Micaela Chauque (Argentina) Titilope Sonuga - My Mother's Music (Nigeria/Canada) Sister Fa – Assoukatene (Senegal) Titilope Sonuga – Beautiful (Canada) Ancestress - Bring Buildings Down (Australia) Maureen Shepard - 3am The Enlightened Darkness 1 (USA) Bissecta - The end of the world (France) Azam Ali & Mercan Dede – Dem (Turkey) Shubha Mudgal, Ursula Rucker & Business Class Refugees – Steadfast (USA/India/Israel) Soapkills - Marra Fi Ghnina (Soapkills Remix) (Lebanon) Suheir Hammad - Jebalia (Palestine/USA) Mop Mop - Loa Chant Feat. Sara Sayed (Italy/Finland/UK) Native Sun - Original Inhabitants (Mozambique/Caribbean/UK) Ngaiire - Dirty Hercules (PNG/Australia) Tanya Evanson - The Importance of Roads (Canada/Turkey) AYDA - Wet (Iran)