A Short Chillout Mix ~ Piano, Piano


Electronic ambience, spoken word dreams and dusty pianos - a little chill pill as a present for the new year.

[mixcloud http://www.mixcloud.com/LAPKAT/piano-piano/ width=660 height=360 /]

I promised to upload a section of a radio show I presented for Triple R FM Melbourne in December, so here it is ... “Piano, piano" ... Italian for slowly, slowly or softly, softly ... this is a very chilled little mix. Indulging in more pure electronic sounds than I usually do, this mix also includes some beautiful poetry readings by Pablo Alba, recorded especially for La Danza Poetica 011. Featuring artists from the UK, Italy, France, Canada, Spain, Chile, Brazil (track list at the Mixcloud link). Also, piano. I really love the sound of a piano echoing off the walls of a large dusty room.

So ... it's just a short film - let yourself go, be romantic, if it puts you to sleep, go ahead and dream.

Happy new year!