LAPKAT SBS Chill Resident Session ~ The Mix


My session for the SBS Chill digital radio station earlier this April is now downloadable on Soundcloud. A minimal, spacious, Franco/Latin electronica mix, poetics ranging from Français, Español, Québécois, to Iraqi poet Nazik Al-Malaika ... For this hour set, I essentially went through my collection and drew out everything I'd marked as "beautiful", and "lovely" ..... then drank some sweet wine and settled into my headphones to dream for a while through music and poetry. I really do love what I do!

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The track list is generally is as follows. The whole thing is building inevitably towards the gorgeous, timeless voice of Benjamín Escoriza (of Radio Tarifa fame) a voice which never fails to act on me like some kind of transportation device.....and speaking of transportation, Laurie Anderson had to make it into a mix sometime - she was one of my earliest inspirations in spoken word artistry, as I'm sure she's been for many others.

gilx p - l elan du coeur [Up, Bustle & Out – Waterfalls of Gold (Theme II)] [Rafael Aragon - Curandero (intro)] Bigote - Doña Maria - Plantita de Aleli (Bigote rmx) [Fabrice Koffy - Éveil] [The Ambient Society - Nitescence] El Buho - River Euphrates [Poem by Nazik Al-Malaika] [Dubsahara - Persian voice] El Buho - Y Ian Kamau - Break Me Down Ariane Moffat (Dubbel Dutch Remix) Hotel Amour (Dubbel Dutch Remix) [Laurie Anderson - Same Time Tomorrow] World Hood - Pescador Odezenne – Nasty Orquesta (feat. Katie Kim) The Lunar Maria [F4 Collective / Auddie - Rouleaux - Paul Sunderland - Arthur-Louis Cingualte] Lucas Santtana - Cá pra nós (El Buho rmx) Vitaliy Rybakin - Sorrento Valley [Fabrice Koffy - Amour] [F4 Collective / Auddie - Souviens t-en, Marie-Agnäs Michel] Up, Bustle & Out - Waterfalls of Gold (feat. Benjamín Escoriza)

Headphones recommended.