Spring radio dub session! (and a message from our sponsors)


On the RRRadio this coming Sunday 4th September filling in for Jonathan Alley's excellent program 'Under the Sun'. Looking forward to getting into some spring dub and dubstep for a couple of hours, some deeeeeep voice and spoken vocals, make full use of those big bass studio speakers.Spoken word meets dubstep, part two... From 6-8pm, AEST, 102.7FM in Melbourne - or you can stream it, via http://www.rrr.org.au Jonathan's weekly show is a regular pleasure for me so it's always fun and daunting to fill those shoes. Especially with Spring arrived in Melbourne, the air is warm and heavy with scents of opening flowers, ripe for spreading joyful beats and voices!

I often say Triple R FM is "where I grew up" though sometimes I feel like it's actually the place that taught me never to ...  Doing fill shifts there is so much like going home (with all its requisite goods-and-bads). In the end it's always sustaining, grounding. Community and public radio is key, integral, primary ... it's the food, the sustenance, the feast of our communities. Radio itself is that beautiful free, open, generous thing, almost literally free as the air, tuneable so long as you have something that can surf the radio bandwidth. And now that it's online if I'm hooked up to the internet I can get to the voices of communities of the world as well ... but the real power of radio for me is always, local. That's what makes it radio.

Triple R FM like all public stations relies on its community to complete the circle, by feeding it financially. Each year the station runs a Radiothon calling for subscriptions from its listener family. This year's fortnight long radiothon is 'officially' over but you can still subscribe and until Wednesday 21st September still be in the running for loads of amazing prizes. Apart from the prize of keeping your people and your passions on the air itself. ... Here is where you subscribe. End plug. Never-ending radio love.