The [radio] art of anniversaries - Sunday night you'll find me in my headphones

Wednesday Kennedy's 'Last Night in New York' + Moses Iten's '50 Years of Humans in Space' ... You'll find me in my headphones this Sunday night (8.30 11 Sept AEST)

The Night Air - Last Night in New York + 50 Years of Humans in Space "We return to New York City in the hours immediately after the devastation of the Twin Towers attack and trace the emotions of New Yorkers over the following days in 'Last Night in New York' by Wednesday Kennedy. We also commemorate 50 years of human space flight. 1961 Soviet Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin became the first human in space. Moses Iten takes us into orbit with a multitude of international songs and voices celebrating our generation's crazed fascination for the Great Beyond."

She, of the fire-red hair the firey temper and the fire-hot poetry - Wednesday Kennedy's 'Last Night in New York' is a raw piece of sound-voice collection, of art, of poetry, of internal whisper, a chaos of emotion, in the middle of which is Wednesday. It's a nerve-shattering piece of work, and I'm never sure what exactly to call it. Call it a poet's reality.

Moses (Saca La Mois DJ), of the Cumbia Cosmonauts .. made a nice mixtape back in February - the Arab Awakening Mixtape is a mashup of radio news and tracks - an expression of how far the passion for change was felt, right around the most farflung parts of the world. Now he's remixing 50 years of our desires to go up, up, up ....

This is all on Brent Clough's radio show 'The Night Air'. Australian national radio's great sandpit. Re-mix radio, 'abstraction for listening pleasure.'

The Egyptian taxi driver said to me at the end of last summer, 'freedom is a doing thing, not a state of being. we must practice it.' I'm not sure why that feels so relevant here, but there it is.