Vox Freq mix


Deutsch meets dubstep! [playlist ids="4845"]

Voices gleaned from the early days of recording (Gherasim Luca, Julian Beck, Richard Huelsenbeck, the early sound poet / dada surrealist artist Kurt Schwitters)

Germanic and Romantic languages (German, French, northern Italian) seem to lend themselves to sampling, something about the easy guttural consonants, punchy syllables. They become music very quickly. Hip hop as a vocal style of course is a kind of organic, self-sampling.

Allowing the language to pause and tell it's story via a new discovery Panikattacken, a collaboration between a poet and a producer across the miles between Mainz/Berlin.

Musically in this mix some favourite recent tracks by musician/producers (Cottonmouth, Zhao, Subswara, Ağaçkakan, Kern Koppen, Impossible Nothing, Smadj!) who use a particular frequency set alot - around the 800-2000 k range, the general range of most human voices - as well as sampling voices and turning them into music. Then there is the urban gypsy shout and call, where the voice just is the music, represented here by Shukar Collective (and dubbed up by Kal).

Also, I love me some grimy dubstep. Have you guessed?

Track listing:

  1. Ursonate 1932 - Kurt Schwitters - (you can get this recording on a great comp called 'Lunapark 0,10') (Germany)
  2. N.O.H.A Pijama remix - Cottonmouth (Bristol)
  3. TKM-Subswara - Coup d'Yah (NYC)
  4. Je Nai Pas Le Droit De Voyager Sans Passeport - Julian Beck (France)
  5. DJ Wonder - What >< La Chat Playa - Gangsta Forever - DJ Zhao (Berlin)
  6. Es gibt keine - Panikattacken (Mainz/Berlin)
  7. Olmayan Adam - Ağaçkakan -#Olmayan (Eskişehir - Turkey)
  8. mix5 - ú› - Stereo Out - nihon kaimasu- (Japan)
  9. Son Corps Leger - Gherasim Luca (Romania)
  10. Los Poderes (Kingdom Remix) - Rita Indiana - New York Tropical (Dutty Artz)
  11. Radio Romanistan & Ding Deng Dong (La Cherga Remix) - Kal - Radio Romanista (Belgrade)
  12. Calling Tamango - Shukar Collective (Romania)
  13. Basis School - Kern Koppen - ÉÉN (Nederlands)
  14. C'est Comme si C'etait Fait - Smadj (Paris)
  15. Phantastiche Gebete - Richard Huelsenbeck (Germany)
  16. No Call 'Recently' Experiment Mix - I'mpty (Eskişehir, Turkey)
  17. Depthcharge (Finger Poser - IMPLNTHG REMIX) - SeePM - Impossible Nothing (Canada)
  18. Die verfluchte Einsamkeit - Panikattacken (Mainz/Berlin)
  19. 13t+SftWasp+Taxe - LeMicro - The 13th Tribe (Scotland UK)
  20. He Said - Smadj - Take it and Drive (Paris)
  21. Shackleton - Blood On My Hands >< Dashti - Abdoinaghi Afsharnia DJ Zhao (Berlin)
  22. Einleitung - Hans Duschke (Germany)
  23. What Elijah Said / Eye On the Devil - Lamin Fofana (Guinea/SierraLeone/NYC)