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La Danza Poetica #28 The Travelling Heart

A trip around the world with the passionate voices and melodies of the Romani folk tradition, the travelling heart of humanity. Featuring Click Here's latest album Balkandalucia and new recordings from the great Taraf de Haïdouks. Following the music and the poetry from Andalusia to Bulgaria, Hungary to Slovakia, Romania to Greece. Argentinian/Bulgarian crossover from Kosta Kostov, Andalusian grooves from Thomas Blondet & Carol C., Balkan beats from the Forty Thieves Orkestar, Balkan Criminals, DJ Tomasc, Romani song and story from Esma Redzepova, Slovakia's Sabrosa, Greece's Alexandros Wilhelm Hatzis, and UK traveller Damian LeBas. Honoured ghosts, Hungarian poets Szabó Lőrinc and Berda József and the archival recordings of Bari Károly.

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La Danza Poetica #19 Northern Lights

Through the forests and cities of story... Explore the bright Northern and Eastern European lights of poetry and music, the 19th dance poetic.

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