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La Danza Poetica #43 Fire and Ice

The Apollo Saxophone Quartet’s collaboration with poet Lemn Sissay is one of the deepest word/music journeys you can take - expressive, cinematic, arresting. Robert Frost’s 1920s poem “Fire and Ice” observes the end of the world with the cool objectivity of someone who is part of, not just observing, the changes of seasons. There is a goal! So, let’s become the rain...

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La Danza Poetica #33 Εμπιστοσύνη [Trust]

This month I am presenting for you an excerpt of a special mix for Chimeres Radio and Circe:the Black Cut, performed live in Athens on 4 July at Kreuzberg bar, the eve of the referendum of 5 July. 

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La Danza Poetica #5 Brasil, Poética Elétrica

The February podcast of La Danza Poetica focuses on Brazil, em Português. New spoken word from the Ponte Aérea Elétrica project (São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro), Rio hip hop, São Paulo poetas, Afro-Brazilian rhythms, the folk/song traditions of the Nordeste, and the avant-pop-mangue-folk Tropicália of now! The father of poesia concreta, Augusto De Campos features, and our honoured ghost is 'O Poetinha', Vinícius de Moraes.

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