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Ken Nordine 'Bits & Pieces' of Word Jazz

Woke up to some nice news this morning (in the south) as spoken word maestro Ken Nordine posted (in the evening of the north) this message:

“Guess what? A 94 years old guy called me (who doesn’t know better yet) has had a big fun of putting together a new CD called “bits & pieces”... Your Honor, forgive me. I confess… I am guilty again of having committed Word Jazz. I couldn’t help myself… I had to do it. And the woman I’ve been married to for nearly 70 years told me I’d better do it… Playing the age card, silly”

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Denice Frohman 'Feels Like Home'

Denice Frohman is an award-winning poet, lyricist, and educator, whose multicultural upbringing inspires her to explore the intersections of race, gender, sexuality, and the “in-betweeness” that exists in us all. 2013 was a big year for Denice, with major wins, collaborations, and a new album. 

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Aja Monet 'Scared To Make Love / Scared Not To'

“I get most of my wisdom from woman. I practice it on my brothers.” In the track Us, Aja Monet roll-calls her women as the track cites James Brown’s It’s a Man’s World … “my litany for survival”. The track sets up an album that quietly but firmly secures Aja’s place in my own roll-call of inspirational women.

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World Hip Hop Women: From The Sound Up

If you want a global update on the hottest women Hip Hop artists right now, check this generous mixtape from Nomadic Wax.

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