World Hip Hop Women: From The Sound Up

If you want a global update on the hottest women Hip Hop artists right now, check this generous mixtape from Nomadic Wax and World Hip Hop Market. Featuring over twenty tracks from fifteen nations, the likes of Raw-G (Gina Madrid, Mexico), Ana Tijoux (Chile), Soultana (Morocco), EmpressS*1 (Egypt), and Bella Shanti (NZ) the mix has been swung together beautifully by DJ LaJedi (Detroit, USA).

Hip Hop is as global as poetry is global. Hip Hop MCs and rappers are our griots, our philosopher poets, our oral storytellers, working the craft, telling the stories of our streets, our communities, our cultures, our struggles and our triumphal spirits, with the rhythm of music and drum.

As NW puts it, “Rooted in the five elements, Hip Hop has grown to nurture socio-spiritual growth and community development worldwide.“ Female voices in Hip Hop are as global as Hip Hop is global…..natch. Perhaps we just don’t get to hear these voices as much, unless we dig deeper. Thanks to good people like Nomadic Wax, here’s an opportunity to discover. Hostess of the mix Eternia (Canada/USA) tells it: “We offer you an alternative, all feminine, all-star representative, all perspective, all nation, the global champion, call it the reckoning, all elements, all natural, it’s effortless.”

Dig deep.

Download here: