Aja Monet 'You Make Holy War'

Video from Aja Monet for the captivating spoken word track You Make Holy War. Shot and edited by Cam Be, it’s haunting, as is the poem. A perfect collaboration between poetry, music and visuals.

Aja Monet is always captivating. Wise and eloquent. This track really moves me, and I am not sure I can say why. Maybe it is capturing that simultaneously heavy/light, afraid/immortal feeling of being completely lost in love. Even God writes a suicide note in the face of this love. The poem is mysterious, romantic, serious, but with the touches of humour that lift everything Aja does. Buddy Sativa and Nicky Lars’ music is a clever mixture of heavy and light. Deep inside the electronics is a heartbeat, deep and calm, but skipping. The whole thing swims in keyboards with a soothing echo of classic ’80s soul.

You can download the track from Aja’s Soundcloud page: 

While there, be sure to listen to the recent soft soul track Nomads also produced by Buddy Sativa and Nicky Lars - this is the kind of thing to go swimming in if life is getting complicated for you. Absolute loveliness.