Pumpkin 'Rose Combat' A Cappella

French emcee Pumpkin performs her Rose Combat piece a cappella. This rhyme was originally released Vin’S da Cuero, Peinture Fraîche.

Bastien Burger’s chiaroscuro film brings it all back to the elemental, the voice and the face and the energy. Spoken word dropped in a minimalist black-and-white scenery for a final answer. "Do not ask me what it is like to be a female rapper anymore!"

The album, Peinture Fraîche [fresh paint] came out in 2015. Envisioned as "a duet like a poetic drive-by", in which Pumpkin sways between rap and spoken word, going over the anomalies of life over Vin’S' Electro Boom Bap productions, a subtle blend of samples and composition. You can get that album still (recommended!):