Ivy 'Va faire ta guerre'

New from Ivy:

Va faire ta guerre (Go make your war) was written in 2011 for Amnesty International project Partners for Peace. A letter to the fat cats, to the warmongers, to “M. le Grassouillet / Le Souillé / Le Suprême de Poulet”. Is war in our natures? Do humans evolve into peace-loving beings from a warring nature or have some become so through abandoning our true nature? How can we speak to war-makers, how can we see them clearly, as money-makers and takers more than anything… Would they listen even to our poetry? Is it even the point … do we make our own love, and speak it through our poetry, and leave them to devolve as we evolve …..? ..... I don’t try to speak Ivy’s mind … as ever, his poetry sends me on long journeys of thoughtfulness!

Ivy is offering this track download in celebration of a show coming up next week at the Gesù in Québec - imagine this, and further tracks off his brilliant 2012 album Hors des sentiers battus with a choir of 30 singers, a string quartet, bass, drums, a spectacle of words and beautiful music! On the other side of the planet to me, sadly, so I can’t be there – but if you are reading this and near enough, look it up at … http://www.legesu.com/spectacles/ivy/

Ivy is a master of the composition of the spoken word as a musical instrument, the fusion of speaking with melody. He is also a great champion of slam in Canada, a founder of the Ligue Québécoise de Slam (LIQS), and a champion of his French-Canadian language.

One of my favourite tracks from Ivy is Merci - watch the video, by Sam Greffe and Jean-Philippe Lamarche, below – and follow this link to his albums.