Capitan Humano 'Putos Inmortales' de Al Kronstadt

Putos Inmortales comes from the album Sinergia by Capitan Humano, aka Poliéster, or Afro. Featuring the voice of Al Kronstadt, from Pipas de Coco. Both artists are from Segovia, northern Spain.

The album Sinergia features tracks developed with different artists, illustrators and video makers. Rodrigo Sánchez created this video and illustration. More than a rap album, Sinergia is influenced by jazz, electronica, '90s hip hop and grime and sampling. There is a nice mid-tempo rhythm throughout. The journey has been documented in these short animated video tracks through 2017. 

This track, by Al Kronstadt of Pipas de Coco, Putos Inmortales, or Fucking Immortals questions how we walk on the earth, in our past, present, future (and beyond that).

Listen to and buy the album here: