Beats Artistry ~ Volfoniq 'Ernest Revisited'

Cher danseurs, you of refined and intelligent style, you who love to dance at the pace of the beat of your heart, you earnest folk who like to smile, with only a small delay I suggest to you this:
“Ernest is now one year old, so he was in need for another travel around the world. He visited some of Volfoniq closest musical collaborators for new experiences and sharings. There result is this compilation of 10 musical conversations beyond tags, most certainly as generous and friendly as Ernest himself…”

I am still listening to and loving Volfoniq’s 2011 album with its whimsical approach to dub, its soft electronics, rough dubstep moments, its gentle and open collaborative nature, its tongue in its cheek. Volfoniq – from Montpellier, France – is a collaborative soul and a generous one too (one early track is even called ‘Love not money‘). Volfoniq Revisited is a 10 track FREE album of remixes and reworks of the Ernest tracks, by the likes of Buguinha dub (Brazil), Caballo (Canada), Lata (Chile), mildtape (Italy), Jambassa (Italy), Tony dubshot (Netherlands), Ras Amerlock (USA), Arrogalla (Sardinia), DU3normal (Hungary) and Lowknee (Greece).

You can download the whole album from LCL (LibreCommeLair) creative commons netlabel and dub collaboration station…

Volfoniq, merci beaucoup!