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Beats Artistry ~ Volfoniq 'Ernest Revisited'

Cher danseurs, you of refined and intelligent style, you who love to dance at the pace of the beat of your heart, you earnest folk who like to smile, with only a small delay I suggest to you this:

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Beats Artistry: MIDI East

MIDI East is a library of East-Euro/West Asian music – 9,000 midi files discovered “floating around” the internet by Aus/Berlin electronic musician, producer Brian May (DJ Delay / Beam Up / Sonical), and offered up to electronic musicians and producers with a challenge – to put down the synced sampler and do some hard work on some raw files and create some new electronic music.

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Scream Blue Murmur 'Belfast Sun'

The artists formerly known as the Belfast Poets who kicked down some great poetic collaborations in Melbourne way back when … Scream Blue Murmur are now kicking poetry around inside musical grooves and it’s really cool to hear these artists pushing their form so decisively.

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