Anthony Joseph & Mop Mop

Just found this, hot track! (thanks to Groovalizacion for the heads-up on this album tonight!)
Trinidad-born, UK-based poet Anthony Joseph (featured in last December’s Caribbean-flavoured La Danza Poetica) collaborates with Andrea Benini (Italy/Berlin) and Mop Mop, funk/afro/jazz/Italo band.


Simple, straight and true, steel and honey, dub-jazz poetics, with a bit of earworm voodoo!

Elsewhere on this album (released in March on Agogo Records) pure Voodoo Jazz, Caribbean flavours, Afro-Funk, Exotic rhythms and Soul music. Finnish-Egyptian vocalist Sara Sayed also features. The album was recorded between Germany and Italy over the course of a couple of years “with the use of vintage analog equipment to achieve a sound with all the “warm” qualities of vintage analog tape recordings.” And warm, rich, it sounds.

“Isle Of Magic is an imaginary land populated by musicians who spend their time fishing, cooking, playing and practicing Voodoo rites at night. The whole album represents the soundtrack of this imaginary life.” Take me there!

Check out below, video of the track Run Around featuring Anthony Joseph and Fred Wesley on the trombone:

Vi consiglio vivamente questo!