Impunité! Senegal Activist Hip Hop

Essential hip hop. Senegalese activist hip hop collective Y’en A Marre (Fed Up) have united with Amnesty on the single 100 COUPABLES : Impunité! Nous avons besoin de Justice (100 Culprits: Impunity! We need justice). 

This single was produced in memory of the victims of police brutality in Senegal between 2006 and 2012, and is also a call to action. The group is calling for the investigation of human rights abuses under previous president Abdoulaye Wade. It is part of a wider campaign organised by Amnesty International to pressure President Macky Sall into prioritising criminal investigations of a number of suspicious deaths during Wade’s twelve years of rule.

Featuring Simon (Bisbiclan), Drygun (Yatfu), Beydi (Bideew bu Bess, Djiby (Dabrains), Thiat (Keur gui), Keyti, Books (Sen Kumpë), the track is available as a CD from Amnesty, with all proceeds going towards support of the families of victims of injustice in Senegal. Several of the rappers involved were “either arrested themselves or victims of police brutality because of their work with the now famous Y’en a Marre movement—a social movement founded by rappers and journalists that gained mass popularity after president Wade attempted a power grab by changing the constitution and running for a third term in office.” (this explanation is taken from Janette Yarwood’s article in ‘Africa Is A Country‘). for more detail