4DSOUND Sonority I: magyar – Dancing on Blades


magyar: Dancing on Blades


The 4DSOUND system is a large scale integrated hardware and software installation creating a fully omnidirectional sound environment. The system utilises an innovative computer interface and multi-speaker array to enable sound designers to work sculpturally with sound. 4DSOUND and the Spatial Sound Institute are researching “how spatial sound is intertwined with a broader cultural movement that propagates self-awareness, social cohesion and sustainability … leading to a new Ecology of Listening – improving the quality of our listening environment to enhance our mental and physical state of being.”

In residence at 4DSOUND through July-August and November, my project involves collaboration with the place and the people of Hungary, where the 4DSOUND experimental studio is based. Exploring the speaking voice, the story and the storyteller as compositional elements in a spatial sound work. The residency encompasses field recordings of the Budapest and wider Hungarian and Transylvanian countryside, collaboration with storytellers and musicians, and the practice of ‘deep listening’ and focused attention on the sounds of place in composing and presenting the work.

With this work my aim has been to create profound experiences of deep listening using the natural rhythms of language and environment, the music of the spoken word, and voice in harmony.

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body, and supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria.


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