Footscray Community Arts Centre – Exquisite Corpstallation 2015

Creative audio documentation of the 'FCACheartsJogja: Exquisite Corpstallation' project at Footscray Community Arts Centre, Melbourne.

'Exquisite Corpstallation' brought artist groups from Australia, East Timor and Indonesia together for a collaborative installation. A succession of five artist groups each had 24 hours to create a site-specific work responding to a theme set by the preceding group, using only a thread of an idea left by the previous group. Each group didn't see the others' works until the final reveal on March 5, 2015.

Each evening I went in and recorded the artists working, and speaking about their work, the sounds and atmospheres surrounding them in the arts centre beside the railway tracks on the Maribyrnong River. I cut up and mixed this hour for the exhibition reveal.

Because of the process (and one massive thunderstorm) audio quality varies - using these textures, which reflect the different dynamics of each night, as layers building up a sense of the at times chaotic, always free open and good spirited nature of the artists at work, and the amazing cohesiveness between the works emerged at the reveal. 

This soundwork was played during the exhibition evening in the space with the artworks.

The artists: 
The Contemporary Pacific Arts Festival Vs. SURVIVE Garage
FCAC ArtLife Vs. Krack! Studio
FRAG Inc Vs. Papermoon Puppet Theatre
Animatism Vs. Kunci Cultural Studies Centre
FCAC ECL Alumni Vs. Ace House Collective
More info @…-corpstallation/

The mix also incorporates samples from: 
DJ Zhao - 'Indonesia Traditional, Sanda Kandung >< Grime Instrumental' 
Filastine & Nova Ruth - 'Colony Collapse'
Airileke - 'Sook Sook Ya (feat. Dadi G)'
Ngaiire - 'Fireflies'
Ella Fitzgerald - 'Paper Moon'
Billy Joel - 'We Didn't Start the Fire'