Frida People Melbourne Show - Candy Royalle & Sloppy Joe + LAPKAT DJ + More!


Looking forward to the end of May! Sydney's Candy Royalle and Sloppy Joe bring their funk soul poetics to Melbourne. "An explosive exploration of the human condition moving through sex and politics like politics was sex, sex was art and art was politics." They burned down the house at the National Folk Festival and now it's Melbourne's turn.


I've written recently about Candy's Twelve cinepoems series - read about that here. She's a powerful poet, this collaboration mixes up funk, hip hop, soul and poetry in a really vibrant way, and I'm excited to see this show live as we've not so far met in the flesh!

Special guests, bent burlesque beauty Betty Grumble and trumpet extraordinaire Niveen Abdelatty. Plus, Melburnian wordsmith powerhouses Fury and Michelle Alina Dabrowski, and LAPKAT will be opening and closing the night with some suitably funky word-beat mixes!

If you're in Melbourne on 31st May, go here for tickets: