[mixcloud width=660 height=360 /] Recorded at Fete la Frog, in Northcote, Melbourne, on a sunny autumn day ... A set of favourites, focus on Africa, not necessarily new – you'll notice Akua Naru and Sista Fa from previous sets and also some tracks from recent 'La Danza Poetica' - great tracks not denied indulgence! Spoken word and poetry in French from Africa, France, Nederlands, Canada, Australia. For both the rabbit and the lion – the lion may be fierce but the rabbit has fierce skill!

Don't dance? Yes, you do dance. "Who are you not to be fabulous?" ( .m. & .R. )


Rabbit and Lion (Zimbabwe) - Laura Simms and the Real Myth Ensemble MuNyepi - .m. & .R. (Zimbabwe) Amour - Fabrice Koffy (Ivory Coast/Canada) 7th mystic - Naila Keleta-Mae (Canada) The Mahotella Queens - Muntu Wesilisa >< Wiley - Bang Bang Instrumental - DJ Zhao (South Africa via Germany) Old Man - Maxine Beneba Clarke (Caribbean/Australia) The Mahotella Queens - Ndodana Yolahleko >< Skream – Skunkstep - DJ Zhao (South Africa via Germany) Les Çnats-Utis – auddie – F4 Collective (France/Germany) Tizita Dub - Dub Colossus (Ethiopia) Chrysorchidée - The Ambient Society (Nederlands) Ransom (Timeblind Remix) - Maga Bo (Ethiopia via Brazil) La Première Loi - Fabrice Koffy (Ivory Coast/Canada) Hat Dub – mildtape (Italy) Éveil + Amour - Fabrice Koffy (Ivory Coast/Canada) Amy Jotna - Sister Fa (Senegal) Tales Of Men - Akua Naru (USA/Germany) Faithfull Baana Enono Arnaud (Cameroon) X Ray - Mutombo Da Poet (Ghana) All Comes Back to One - Jahdan Blakkamoore (Guyana/NYC) Werul ci mane - P.P.S the writah (Senegal) Chingata - Captain Planet ft. ChigiyoMaster (Zimbabwe folk song) Cheukwa - RuTendo DeNise & Theresa Muteta (Zimbabwe)