'DJ chill littéraire' warming up Brussels


So I was dubbed "dj chill littéraire" by the proprietor of au Chat Noir - not to be in any way faux-chic, you understand - just in explaining to someone what it is that I do.If Paris is anything, it is a place that looks you square in the eye and tells you plainly what it is that you do. For that, and for many other things, I've been appreciative of this city. For the disgruntled amplifiers and the thwarted plans, I've been a little less appreciative, but this city is also nothing if not temperamental. But, today I am dropping in quickly to plug two events that I'm honoured to be playing at, this weekend in Brussels..

Friday 21st September is International Day of Peace with concerts and events around the world. In Brussels, there is a party in the park featuring some great artists, celebrating the peaceful coexistence of many cultures. Once the party in the Place du Musée wraps, the party continues at Bouillon Kube in Saint-Gilles (are you reading this from Brussels? Then here: rue Vlogaertstraat 4, 1060 St.-Gilles).

Hosted by  three DJs from my fave online radio, Groovalización: DJ Mukambo Jo Selektor and Bruselo. They have kindly invited Lapkat to warm the party up from 10pm. These guys are class acts so I'm very happy to be able to play for them! (...speaking of Groovalización, some exciting news on the radio front soon.....but I'll leave that hanging for a little while;)

Then on Saturday 22nd, Boogiewomen presents: Warrior Poets! at Botanique (still in Brussels? OK: Koningsstraat 236, 1210)

I'm really looking forward to this night, featuring a documentary about the powerful music and unstoppable activism of Sister Fa, Senegal's first lady of rap, followed by a debate on women's activism in hip hop with Sister Fa herself, joined by Nirit Peled, Nina Miskina and Pascale Obolo. Then, Nirit Peled's film Say My Name, and a film about the radiant Audre Lorde. After all this, a party soirée at Café Bota with Tupper Wars Dj's and a special Boogiewomen music selection, and  I'll be joining in that party playing some powerful women voices.

It cannot get any more inspiring! After two weeks of deep Paris immersion and trop  walking and toe gazing, I'm ready to get my tail swinging again, and Brussels seems the place!

To offer something up now, something I've been watching today as I prepare to honour great women poets this weekend. Fascinating video from Reem Falaknaz - this is a poem by Nazik Al-Malaika (recited by Amal Muhtadi), an influential, modern Iraqi poet of the 20/21st century. An absorbing visual interpretation, a beautiful recitation: