Les hommes comédie + Cherchez la femme + Señor BBQ!


Some Melbourne Lapkat news. First, I'm very excited about next month, where I get to let my hair down and play with some of my very favourite things at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Here's a preview:

[mixcloud http://www.mixcloud.com/LAPKAT/comedie-comeda-swing-set/ width=660 height=500 /]

... Comédie Comedà, a recent mix of electro-swing and my favourite funny men, who all (is it a coincidence?!) seem to be having troubles with women (or with Bryan). Gad Elmaleh (en français), Woody Allen (IN Français - the standup routine from around 40 years ago that MUST be the inspiration for Midnight in Paris), Dud and Pete (having trouble with Italian things), Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin (singing about love whilst breaking things). I had so much fun making this. The reception to this little mix has been really nice. It's important to let loose sometimes, life can be too serious...


OTHER exciting news - in full - next Thursday 8th March I'll be playing sets at a huge night featuring many wonderful women (and feminist men) performers, poets, philosophers, comedians, here in Melbourne - CHERCHEZ LA FEMME CELEBRATES INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY - Featuring the following: KATE BOSTON SMITH (Cabaret Star, Kitty Bang, Show Off) EMILIE ZOEY BAKER (Slam Champion, Endless Lover, Crack-Up) ANDREW MARLTON (First Dog on the Moon, Poet, Oracle) HELEN RAZER (Writer, Raconteur, Sexy Mama) CLEM BASTOW (Femmo, Neo-Stoner, Cosplaya) LOU SANZ (Comic, Screenwriter, Firecracker) SEAN M WHELAN (The Boss - of Poetry, Dream Guy) BRENNA GLAZEBROOK (Comic, Impro Star, Hottie) CHRISTINA ARNOLD (Lead Signer of The Perfections, Bangin' Broad) BEN POBJIE (Poet, Writer, Comic, Spy) EMILY JARRETT (Singer with Go-Go Sapien, Robobabe) BEN McKENZIE (Professional Nerd-Wonder, Comic, Fox) JANE DUST (Singer, Love Child of Burt Bacharach & Emmy-Lou Harris) CLEMENTINE FORD (Boner-Killer, Abortion-Enthusiast, Got Swag) JESSICA ALICE (Poet, Broadcaster, Honey) SERI VIDA (Singer, Musician, Rad Lady)

In between all this amazingness, I'll be mixing up - of course - all our great women -  powerful women, soulful women, poetic women. It's happening at the appropriately named Grace Darling hotel (named for the sassy lady sea rescuer) That is, 114 Smith Street Collingwood, from 7pm. Tickets are $15 on the door with proceeds going to womens' refuges here in Melbourne. All put together by that fantastic force of feminist nature, Karen Pickering.

AND meanwhile, the lovely Latin Wednesday nights at Señor BBQ's 'hole in the wall' bar behind Pure Pop Records continue. Over summer I've been immersing myself and the BBQ feasters there in the beautiful sounds of el idioma español, along with some other great Melbourne DJs, and Los de la Calle! have been kicking up a storm (sometimes literally) of live Argentinean and Chilean tunes ... Here's a little clip of them in full song from back in December:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=crwOxqtVW5Y&w=560&h=315]

This past Wednesday St Kilda's own multi-instrumental treasure Mal Webb jumped up onstage with his horns and the heavens opened, so we ate our chorizo and drank our wine and danced ourselves warm under umbrellas. It is the end of summer and colder wetter weather is coming, pero, damp but not dampened, we play on!