The EQ of Revolution: poets of revolution, poets of freedom


Further to my last post.....

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I wanted to share this little set from last southern autumn / northern spring. A short live set inspired by the poets of revolution, the poets of freedom.

Having heard in that same emotional week back in February, two tracks: DJ Zhao's brilliant Immortal Egypt Revolution Dub from FUSION 5, as well as A.K. Rockefeller's Merdeka (which features Benny Wenda and the voices of resistance to Indonesian rule in West Papua) - I mixed this set at Horse Bazaar in Melbourne, one of my first live sets. Feeling quite passionate...

The poets: Most of all, the transcendent poem Ela Toghat Al Alaam (To the Tyrants of the World) by Tunisian poet Abo Al Qassim Al Shabbi is in here (the text is at the bottom of this post*) which was recited aloud in many of the protests last Spring. As well as an old favourite, Turkish poet Kurban Olayým, Niyazî Mirsî, En Sevgili'ye. And, from Mexico, circa 1990s, el poema pasión... Trago Amargo's Revolución!!!

Musically: UK sound artist Philip Davenport, Colleen, Sheyla de Castilho & Freak Out Muzik, Beats Antique, the ultimate electro dreamweavers Orange Blossom, David Bridie with Not Drowning Waving and the musicians of West Papua from their 90s album Tabaran, and Sufi chants from Dam, Syria.

*Here is the poem.

Ela Toghat Al Alaam - To the Tyrants of the World
 ألا أيها الظالم المستبد
 حبيب الظلام عدو الحياه
 سخرت بأنات شعب ضعيف
 و كفك مخضوبة من دماه
 و سرت تشوه سحر الوجود
 و تبذر شوك الاسى في رباه
 رويدك لا يخدعنك الربيع
 و صحو الفضاء و ضوء الصباح
 ففي الافق الرحب هول الظلام و قصف الرعود و عصف الرياح
 حذار فتحت الرماد اللهيب
 و من يبذر الشوك يجن الجراح
 تأمل هنالك انى حصدت رؤوس الورى و زهور الأمل
 و رويت بالدم قلب التراب اشربته الدمع حتى ثمل
 سيجرفك سيل الدماء
 و يأكلك العاصف المشتعل "Hey you, the unfair tyrants...
 You the lovers of the darkness...
 You the enemies of life...
 You've made fun of innocent people's wounds;
  and your palm covered with their blood
 You kept walking while you were deforming the charm of existence
  and growing seeds of sadness in their land

 Wait, don't let the spring,
  the clearness of the sky and the shine of the morning light fool you...
 Because the darkness, the thunder rumble and the blowing of the wind
  are coming toward you from the horizon
 Beware because there is a fire underneath the ash
 Who grows thorns will reap wounds
 You've taken off heads of people and the flowers of hope;
  and watered the cure of the sand with blood and tears until it was drunk
 The blood's river will sweep you away and you will be burned by the fiery storm."


  1. EQ Of Summer, Philip Davenport, Constellation Of Luminous Details
  2. Carry-Cot, Colleen, Everyone Alive Wants Answers
  3. Vênus, Sheyla de Castilho & Freak Out Muzik (Brazil) [@freakoutmuzik]
  4. Ela Toghat Al Alaam (To the Tyrants of the World) by Tunisian poet Abo Al Qassim Al Shabbi [found recording unknown]
  5. Kurban Olayým, Niyazî Mirsî, En Sevgili'ye
  6. Turkia Traditional - Kervan & L-Wiz - Fruit Shop, DJ Zhao, FUSION VOL. 1
  7. Miss Levine, Beats Antique, Blind Threshold
  8. Revolución, Trago Amargo, Raza Spoken Here Volume 1 [Calaca Press, Mexico]
  9. Immortal Egypt Revolution Dub, DJ Zhao, FUSION 5
  10. Takasim & Sufi Chants From Dam, Sufi - Syria [found recording]
  11. Desert Dub, Orange Blossom
  12. Sing Sing, Not Drowning Waving, Tabaran
  13. Merdeka, A.K. Rockefeller
  14. Takasim & Sufi Chants From Dam