Free Glitch mix

A live mix from Melbourne club Horse Bazaar, a few months back. Indulging myself in the darkly beautiful side of electronic beats.

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Voices from Haiti (courtesy Beats Antique - this track from last year sent all proceeds to the relief effort in Haiti), old amber prayer (U,B&O - an old favourite, this), through some German poetry from my archives to new French (Impermetic, dark), Canadian and Brazilian  spoken word. Featured here are the Freak Out Muzik crew, Brazil. I'll be doing a special feature on these guys on Dialectic Radio soon. Also,  Mongolian throat singing courtesy DJ Zhao who constantly inspires. Tribal chants from new fav Impossible Nothing. The awesome 1-Speed Fukin' Bike, Aidan Girt - a track we used on "Going Down Swinging" No.30, last year. Oh, and Billie Holiday. Of course. Good roadtrip material? Ich bin eine freie glitch, lady.


Les Enfants Perdus, The Lost Children - Beats Antique,beatsantique The Amber Prayer - Up, Bustle & Out, from Compared to what / Emerald Alley, some time ago Sel - Smadj (France/Istanbul) from Take it and Drive Smadji October (feat. Sunder, Hired Gun & The Genie) - Sub Swara, from Triggers, Sub Swara Splinter Faction Delight (feat. Jessika Skeletalia Kenny vs L3arbee & L Na) - Filastine, Burn It Tim Horton's As A Gateway Drug To The Canadian Army - 1-Speed Fukin' Bike, from Pashto Translator Needed, free download at Quarter to SIx - Slamagotchi/Kilter (Australia), Slamagotchi Michael Stein, Stein hat seine Tage - from Salbader CD Nr. 01 (German poetry crew live recordings - some time in the '90s... if you know them, put us in touch!) Geneve/Marseille, Ends Credits _ Master Margherita, Peintre-Model, Master Margherita, Mort De Porno, master margherita Black Horse, Chingges Khaanii magtaal - (with huumii), Lerosa and Donato, Gas Snake (Mongolia/Spain) DJ Zhao, from Fusion 2, djzhao Thanksgiving - Impossible Nothing, Īṃƥɵʂşiƃɭȅ∞Ƞ૦ƫȟįȵğ Ant - Tremor, from Viajante, It's Like Reaching For The Moon, Billy Holiday, from long ago and far away. ninguem no carnaval - Freak Out Muzik vol.1 (Brasil) from A palavra eletrica vOL.1, Maduro - Street Lamps, Maduro & Notecrusher, from Your Devices, octofoil records maduro Allemagne, Impermetic (Germany) from Irish Butter und schwarzes Brot, Impermetic Öngyilkos Vasárnap, Venetian Snares, Rossz Csillag Alatt Született,