Introducing Lapkat >

Since getting busy on the live Horse Bazaar residency in Feb/March this year, I've been uploading some live sets over at Soundcloud. It's all at, if this embedded player doesn't work... [soundcloud url="" params="autoplay=false&playertype=tiny&font=Arial&color=ff7700" width="100%" height="18" iframe="false" /]

..... So this blog is slowly taking shape ... when it grows up, it will be rich with features on some of the amazing voices I'm discovering, as well as some rambling on inspirations. Thanks for bearing with me as I get it together!

Meantime, I love to hear from spoken word artists, poets, storytellers, producers, from all around the world, in all the languages that speak. Email me at - or you can send me tracks via my SoundCloud Dropbox.

Send me your sounds More, real soon. Pace e bene!