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La Danza Poetica #63 Rim Banna : Voice of Resistance

A special edition of La Danza Poetica dedicated to the life and work of Rim Banna, the poet, singer, and activist who left this world in March. A tribute to her extraordinary example, and to the power of poetry and music to amplify the stories and the struggle of Palestine to the world. I talk with with ScMoCha of Checkpoint 303 about working on Rim’s final album, her final creative act of resistance in the face of injustice and occupation in all their forms. Also featuring poetry from sons and daughters of Palestine, plus a recent collaboration between Brian Eno and Samir Joubran.

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La Danza Poetica #40 The Silent Poet

In February La Danza Poetica crosses lines and walls, real and imagined, through the eastern Mediterranean and Levant, from Persia to Palestine, from ancient to modern. Rafeef Ziadah, Milagro Acustico Ensemble, Fawda, Abdalak, Katibeh Khamseh, A-Wa, La Mirza & Rayess Bek, Suheir Hammed, and readings of the poetry of Ashram Fayadh, on death row in Saudi Arabia over charges of apostasy. Dedicated to the silent poet.

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