Lisa Greenaway

Audio Support Material, ‘The Weather Inside’

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Notes on tracks

1. Sonority I: magyar – Dancing on Blades
4DSOUND Installation, Budapest 2018
Binaural Audio, 5' excerpt
Please note: this is a binaural conversion of the original 4DSOUND spatial sound mix. To get the benefit of the spatial dimensions and movement, listening with headphones is necessary.

A one-hour sound installation featuring six storytellers telling six versions of one folk tale, simultaneously, in six Hungarian (magyar) dialects. An aural cinematic journey with a multi-layered spatial soundscape constructed of field recordings, music and dance gathered throughout Hungary and Transylvania. Created in residence at the Spatial Sound Institute, Budapest, working with the 4DSOUND system – a large scale integrated hardware and software installation in a three storey, suspended warehouse studio, creating a fully omnidirectional sound environment. It is not possible to replicate the 4DSOUND experience outside of the studio. This binaural recording can capture some of the experience of the dynamic movement of this piece through headphone listening.
Full work duration: 1 hour

2. ||Reflections||
Sound Ritual, MPavilion, Melbourne 2018-19
Stereo, 5' excerpt

Sound installation commissioned for the MPavilion 2018-2019 season, playing every morning and evening in the pavilion in Queen Victoria Gardens, Melbourne, from October-February. Stereo sound installed in two separate speaker pair locations in the Pavilion structure.
Full work duration 6’30”

3. The Night Garden
Mapped Projection + Spatial Audio Installation, White Night Melbourne 2017
Stereo, 5' excerpt

Collaboration with Nick Azidis (PROJECTIONTEKNIK) and Rose Staff (Radiance) for White Night Melbourne, 18 February 2017. Mapped video projection and multi-zone spatial sound installation on the façade and lawn forecourt of the State Library of Victoria. An adaptation of the medieval French poem ‘Romance of the Rose’.

Full work duration: 8'30".