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Sonority I : magyar - Dancing on Blades (4DSOUND Inaudible Realities)

  • Art Quarter Budapest Budapest, Nagytétényi út Budapest, 1223 Hungary (map)

The 4DSOUND installation ‘Sonority I : magyar - Dancing on Blades’ premieres as part of the Central European Society for Soundscape Ecology (CESSE) Conference and 4DSOUND ‘Inaudible Realities’ event at Art Quarter Budapest, 30 November - 2 December 2018

Source folk tale: 'The Dancing Princesses’ (ATU 306)
Story & Creative Consultant, Translator: Zalka Csenge
Storytellers: Szabó Enikő, Nagy Enikő, Kovács Marianna, Lovászi Irén, Szeleczki Mónika, Zalka Csenge 
Dancers: Bitó Katalin, Vass Józsi
Song in the opening performed by the Szkojáni Charlatans: Kjaratan Code (vocal/violin), Bitó János (accordion), Valentin Desmarais (double bass)
Music and dance, and finale folk songrecorded at the Mezőség summer camp at Válaszút, August 2018
Video footage and projection: Ana Amorós López



On November 30th and December 1st we open the doors of the Spatial Sound Institute in Budapest to present four new works that make audible the ‘inaudible realities’ surrounding us. Cultural, historical and technological realities that underpin our everyday existence, yet remain unnoticed. - This event will be happening together with art quarter budapest 'Open House' Event.

17:00 - 21.45


On Friday 30th, the Spatial Sound Institute and Moholy-Nagy Művészeti Egyetem collaborate on a programme in the context of the Conference of CESSE Budapest 2018 : The 4DSOUND system provides the stage for two pieces that reassess the possibilities of storytelling through the medium of spatial sound. Both works retrieve hidden connections and oppositions found within cultures and unfold these into spatial sonic narratives, illuminating stories of our societies that might otherwise remain obscured.

From Sea to the River to the Sea : Csaba Hajnoczy & Lenke Szilágyi 

Csaba Hajnoczy & Lenke Szilágyi dive into the world of water and its fluctuating sonic personalities to explain a reality within the Palestinian territories in Israel, where daily water supply turns out to be a scarce portioned out good. Using 4DSOUND system narratives concerning water unfold - actually a central issue since Biblical times and even earlier.

Sonority I : Magyar - Dancing on Blades : Lisa Greenaway

Working at the intersection of spoken word, music and sound art, Lisa Greenaway explores the rhythms, melodic and sonorous patterns of the Hungarian language unveiling the power of the storytelling voice. In concert, six voices of six different storytellers from diverse regions of Hungarian communities weave an immersive dance where audiences can move and explore.

The presentation will be preceded by a demonstration of the 4DSOUND system and a lecture examining the underlying philosophy of the Spatial Sound Institute's programme ‘The Ecology of Listening’ by Paul Oomen, Founder of 4DSOUND and Head of Development at the Spatial Sound Institute.


17.00-18.30 The Ecology of Listening: Paul Oomen

18.30 Vegan dinner (RSVP ONLY)

19.30-20.05 From Sea to the River to the Sea: Csaba Hajnoczy & Lenke Szilágyi

20.15-21.45 Sonority I : Magyar - Dancing on Blades : Lisa Greenaway

- in case you want to reserve dinner, confirm your attendance at

Earlier Event: 27 October
Later Event: 1 December