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Anthony Joseph 'Botanique' Remix EP

Back in February, Anthony Joseph released Time, a collaboration with bassist and singer Meshell Ndegeocello, and for me, the spoken word album of the year so far, by far. Since then he’s been touring that collection of spoken word funk, jazz, roots, far and wide. And this month, three remixes take three tracks into new territories of sound.

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Kaie Kellough 'creole continuum'

Drawn from linguistics studies of the 1960s, the title creole continuum refers to the degrees of language shift between speakers from the dominant language to Creole. Kaie explores from this point, the social and racial distinctions brought about through colonialism of person and language. Reaching far back to his African origins, he draws out the drums of voice.

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Ken Nordine 'Bits & Pieces' of Word Jazz

Woke up to some nice news this morning (in the south) as spoken word maestro Ken Nordine posted (in the evening of the north) this message:

“Guess what? A 94 years old guy called me (who doesn’t know better yet) has had a big fun of putting together a new CD called “bits & pieces”... Your Honor, forgive me. I confess… I am guilty again of having committed Word Jazz. I couldn’t help myself… I had to do it. And the woman I’ve been married to for nearly 70 years told me I’d better do it… Playing the age card, silly”

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Anthony Joseph & Mop Mop

Just found this, hot track! (thanks to Groovalizacion for the heads-up on this album tonight!) Trinidad-born, UK-based poet Anthony Joseph (featured in last December’s Caribbean-flavoured La Danza Poetica) collaborates with Andrea Benini (Italy/Berlin) and Mop Mop, funk/afro/jazz/Italo band.

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