Matteo Buratti e Fasto 'Per Quello Che Ho/Posso'

L’amore non è bianco e nero … o è?

Matteo Buratti, from Bologna, is a versatile poet collaborating with hip hop musicians, producers and emcees, and exploring the spoken word along many different musical avenues. Passionate – emphatically so – romantic, rueful, witty, bitterly self-ironic, he is a great storytelling voice out of Italy, playing both seriously and comically along the edges of words and music.

This video piece, co-written with Bologna rapper / graf artist Fasto and directed by Andrea Vespignani and Lorenzo Anceschi, is at heart a beautiful/sad love poem, infused with a smart spark of irreverence. Toying, maybe, in visuals of sharp black&white / light&shadow / shades of grey, to match the poetry of the black, the white, and the grey areas in love.

The full text (in Italian) is in the video description. A short (probably not good, forgive me!) translation of two sections/ two shades of this dual voice poem:

How beautiful you are! / Trite?
you’re like waking with the sunlight coming through windows / open
I voyage to your mirage
Seeking mysticism in normality
I love you
maybe the normal is in the mystical
we walk
and when it’s the same mess
we’ll skip out the window
meanwhile … hold hands

For what I have … 
I lost everything else
The weeks are pages
then again rain
and it is one of those heavy books to digest
that almost takes away the appetite



If you want to explore further, I recommend both the S-Trip Poetry collaborative hip hop collection and Matteo’s album of last year, Vento D’estatewhich ventures further into some really lovely abstract spoken word territory (in particular the poem Addio al terminal which I featured in the Piano, Piano mix recently).