Wage Beauty 'The Alchemy of Storytelling'

From Mark Gonzales (Wage Beauty) with Mohammed Aerosol Ali, filmed by Rory Barber. So simple, so clear.“A story of poetry, graffiti, & medicine for all you who have ever felt abused by discourses so damaging & boring, when what we need is beauty.
We invite you to watch.
We ask you to share.
We love when we grow.”

About this video, the storyteller and healer writes: “After traveling across fifteen countries, listening to stories of wounds & resiliency, each so painfully beautifully unique, a common request was identified: the need for new language & ways to understand ourselves. This is my offering to them, to you, & to all of us who have grown tired of the boring & bigoted ways people speak about the things we love.”

As much as it is in itself a story told, this is a call for storytelling to heal and to shift our sadness. It speaks directly to the reasons I do what I do, why I seek stories and storytellers, why I record, why I mix, why I share. We must all listen to, and to respect fully, our storytellers, hold onto and grow our cultures, our dreams. Watching, hearing this today has re-fired my enthusiasm for what I do, and for that I’m very grateful for what Wage Beauty does. So, as they ask, share this!