Emoticon Dawn 'Jump'

Aw, now. I’m not a big one for Valentine’s Day [as sponsored by Hallmark] but I’m no love grinch either. So here is a beautiful love poem, a quiet elegy, a sad and exquisite ode to joy.

The first single off Canadian duo Emoticon Dawn‘s upcoming EP, Jump: “If you had one last chance to talk to the person you love the most, what would you say?”

Emoticon Dawn is musician/composer Arlen Yanch and poet Ian Keteku. Out of Toronto, they describe themselves as a conversation between the classic and contemporary. Marrying hip hop with orchestral moods. Arlen’s roots in Ghana West Africa infuse the music. Keteku is a classy wordsmith, 2010 World Poetry Slam Champion and maker of this fine album Lessons From Planet Earth (Re-Evolution) back in 2011.

Romantic, unashamedly. No flowers required. Perhaps a rose in the pocket.